About Us

Greg Browning

Greg Browning is an advertising photographer known for his uncanny ability to make a small space or set look like a spacious location. Greg has a natural ability to see and direct light, along with a keen eye for composition. Add in his drive and focus, you have all of the elements for success.

Greg spent his early years as a photo assistant, quickly learning the ropes. He is self taught with the help of a few mentors along the way. After establishing himself as a photographer, Greg took on the challenge of photography director at Viewpoint Studios. Greg later became the Creative Director at Viewpoint before starting Eye Candi Inc in 1999. Greg’s work has been published in many national publications. Eye Candi Inc continuously strives to create beautiful images tailored for each client.


Chriscilla Browning

In a career that is in it’s 17th year, Chriscilla’s love for art and photography reflects in her work as a photo stylist. Her work can be seen in advertising, packaging, cookbooks and television.

Chriscilla studied at the American College of Art in Atlanta Ga, where she earned her BA of Fine Arts and minored in photography.It took her a few years as a photo assistant to realize that it was the styling aspect of photography, the detail and composition, that she really enjoyed.

Chriscilla has been successful in all ares of photo styling including, food, soft goods, tabletop, wardrobe, set design, as well as art direction and production. Chriscilla has a wide array of skill sets. Chriscilla now focuses her energy mainly on food styling.